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Design your own custom silk scarves using 100% real natural silk, and your own bespoke design. We use the highest grade silk that offers the greatest vibrancy of colour when making your printed silk scarf. The stunning Silk Satin fabric only has a show through of around 20% to the reverse, and you get the stunning luminosity to the face that you get with natural fabric. A stunning natural textile for your printed silk scarf.

  • Design your own silk scarf
  • Four sizes, two hem and thread options
  • Alternative fabric choices available
  • One sided printing with limited show through
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Made in UK

    Made in UK

    Lovingly made in the UK by our talented artisans here in London, using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials.

  • Ships in 2-4 Days

    Ships in 2-4 Days

    Production time: Ships in 2-4 Days

    Delivery time: 1-3 days, several options available.

    We are fast, and print most products in one day if you order before 12:00pm. Excludes delivery time.

  • UK delivery: £5.99
    • UK delivery: £5.99
    • Western European: £15.50
    • Other European: £16.50
    • North America: £16.50
    • Australia / Japan: £23
    • Rest Of The World: £23
  • Eco-friendly


    Every item is made using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Design your very own printed silk scarf using your own images, photos and designs and we will print it onto 100% natural Silk Satin. Digital printing on silk scarves results in very fine detail, producing crisp and clear lines with rich colours. 

The Silk Satin has a glossy, shiny finish to the face, and a matte crepe finish to the reverse which gives an amazing contrast to the handle of this high-grade silk. Custom silk scarves are handmade to order, from printing your personalised design to the cutting and hemming. Every step of the process is handled with care and attention, and trained professionals quality check at every step. 

Silk scarf printing is a superb way to show off your own work or to wear your favourite piece of art with an air of style and sophistication that you just won't find anywhere else. With almost no elasticity whatsoever, your printed silk scarf is a perfect way to accessorise any outfit.

Add a custom, recyclable tin to really display your beautiful scarf. Measuring at 220 mm x 160 mm x 24 mm it creates the perfect sturdy storage. Print or leave plain, the option is all yours. 

Please note that as your scarf is handmade there can be slight variations in the dimensions, measurements, and shape of the final product. The edges may be slightly wavy as we use super delicate and soft fabrics. Shrinkage is common with such beautiful light fabrics. This is normal and is to be expected from natural fabrics. Average shrinkage is only 2-8%. Your scarf will also be fitted with a mandatory care label. If you would like this to be customised then simply create an account and do so in our branding station. 

printed silk scarf real silk
  • 90 cm x 90 cm

    Personalised silk scarf in a small square size.

  • 135 cm x 31 cm

    Silk scarf printing in a traditional long, thin, style.

  • 133 cm x 105 cm

    Digital printing on silk scarves that are shawl-like in size.

  • 115 cm x 115 cm

    Design your own silk scarf at just over a metre square.

  • Fabric Weight

    Real Silk Satin at 85 gsm is an airy, lightweight material.

  • Other options

    Silk Sensation - 90 gsm
    Mulmul Soft Muslin - 55 gsm
    Paris Chiffon - 40 gsm
    Real Silk Georgette - 50 gsm

  • 100% Natural Silk Satin

    We recommend dry cleaning only. Can be hand washed with silk detergent and cold water.

    Safe to iron but not with the use of steam.

  • 100% Natural Silk Georgette

    We recommend dry cleaning only. Can be hand washed using cold water with silk detergent.

    Can be ironed but do not use steam. Expect 2-8% shrinkage.

  • Silk Sensation

    Can be washed at 30°, and tumble dryer safe on low heat. Do not wring.

    Can be ironed with low heat.

  • Paris Chiffon

    Hand wash only and hang to dry. Do not wring or put in the tumble dryer.

    Steam and iron safe.

  • Mulmul Soft Muslin

    Can be machine washed on a 30° cycle.

    Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, some pulls are to be expected and this is not out of the ordinary.

    As it is a loose yarn colour variations may occur. Creating a beautiful vintage feel. 

  • Silk Sensation

    A 90 gsm poly-blend alternative to silk, still soft but more durable.

  • Mulmul Soft Muslin

    At 55 gsm, this lightweight net-like fabric has a loose yarn.

  • Paris Chiffon

    Cool and dry, this 40 gsm poly-based fabric has a small amount of stretch.

  • Real Georgette Silk

    At 50 gsm, this delicate fabric is a lighter weight 100% natural option.

  • Hemming

    Choose either a baby hem, a very narrow hem which is rolled, giving a delicate appearance to your printed silk scarf or a three-thread overlock which is a type of hem that uses three threads, and locks over the edge of your material.

  • Topstitching

    You can choose to have any stitching that you are able to see on your scarf, stitched in a black thread. You can use this option if your personalised women's scarf design uses a dark palette, or has darker edging. You can, instead, opt to have a white thread used for all of your topstitching. If you have very light edges or a light colour scheme to your design then you may find this is the better option for you.